Writing as a Mood of Communication Style in the Society


Irrespective of all odds, writing from time memorable has being a powerful mood of communication for varying reasons such as passing message, sending secret warnings, expressing emotions, telling stories, nonverbal communication model, symbol interpretation and much more.

In every writing, powerful keynotes always stands out which includes reliability, accuracy, objectiveness, transparency, secrecy, mood of expressiveness and the list rolls on. On other variable mood of writing is understanding that all concept has once being thought of and probably talks about an unpublished idea or one yet to be published by you or a random third party.

Picking Source for Communication Style Generally

Before affirmatively deciding to work with a picked source material, discreetly look out for it accuracy, use of sentiment, efficiency, relation to the matter you have, benefit to general audience or third party, sense of judgment and reference. Understanding the type of source for a communication style either printed or electronic has it effect.

Printed Material Source

Before picking any random printed material as source, ask yourself some questions such as:

  • Is the source material author reputable?

  • Is the reference material listing or entails a comprehensive bibliography?

  • Is the context of the material relatable?

  • Does the research methodology of the material carefully detailed and presented?

  • What is the relevance of the material till date or time of writing?

When relating to writing as a non-baised communication style in the society it’s important to understand that factors affecting the male authors aren’t excepted when the female authors violated infringements rights without proper sourcing and credits.

Electronic Material Source

Before selecting any digitally stored, printed or even saved material as source, ask yourself some questions such as:

  • Does the site material matches the desire of my audience?

  • Who is responsible for the website?

  • Who is the legal author of the site material?

  • Is there copy write law on the material?

  • Does the author allow free copying and duplicating?

  • Is the webpage contents up to date in relation to consistency and materials publishing?

  • Is the source material accurate in terms of language use?

How to make your Communication Style in the Society Outstanding

To pass a powerful non gender based mood of communication in your writing, you must understand your material is typically appealing to the general public of both males and females including non-gender selective teenagers and possible children in time. 

Therefore, make your work authoritative in the sense that it stands out with its powerful message. Inevitable, source truly plays an important roles as the help our work stands out powerfully and this makes all considered sources to be highly accurate and referenced.

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