Understanding Bed Wetting Causes and How to Stop


Bed wetting a natural phenomenon that is a horrible friend for most of the young since ages down line in all parts of the words.

But what is the view of this unwanted friend and has that view changed today (the computer age?).

Anyways the act of bedwetting has always being criticized for a very long time now, perhaps from the onset of man. But what about bedwetting and those who are her culprits? A recent research dated with reference to older research papers shows a typical result of how those who are victims reacts and feels. A psychologist says “it is quite unfortunate and that people who bed wet feels emotionally traumatized for an action they have little control over”.

This habit among those who practice it has stirred up mixed emotion in them. Bed wetting is also known as nocturnal enuresis it is a common traits found amongst the young children, although this does not affect all children anyways. This is an involuntary action, but sad enough that has being ignored by most people around such ones today. 

For some of this kids, they get to understand the meaning of the word mysterious from this act. But do you know that there is a phenomenon why some of this children bed wet. Some information have been provided below for the reason why kid’s bed wet.

Possible Bed Wetting Causing

In-depth Sleeping: When at sleep, our brain and nerve response are low causing inability for the feel the urge that the bladder needs some empting. You can tell about this kind of sleep when you carried your young baby from the couch to the bedroom without the kid even noticing it at all, basically because the muscles and nerves has been put to rest. 

Immature bladder: on an average scale a full grown adults bladder is assumed to be able to hold about 400ml of urine, unlike the little kids who are victims, their bladder is immature that it could hardly hold their urine for a longer period. Hence before they realize it, the fluid is all over them. 

Time and Fear circumstances: Joy at dusk and trouble at dawn they, this is noticed in some rare cases amongst some kid, it is usually as a result of what influence the night has on them (phobia of the night) makes them find it hard to approach the toilets in other words leaving their parents and eventually letting go of themselves waking up to see their unwanted guest.

Late dinner: Although some homes have adjusted when they take in dinner this goes a long way in affecting the child’s system but may not have effect on the adults since they have a greater control over themselves. This is because when sleeping at nights the body switches to a deep rest mode hence leaving the body at a loose and vulnerable state. And when these kids go off to sleep, all they do is dream of their favorite TV show and computer games. 

Effect of Bed Wetting On kids

Acknowledging that it never the will of this kids to bed wet, they have no other option to hide or go into isolation because of the unmerited guilt and heavy criticism. Isolation at a tender age has being proven to have some psychological effect on kids at a tender age.

Everyone especially kids needs care and trust but when they are not given this attention, they opt to silence and feel embarrassed airing their views or opening up most times. 

Possible Preventions Tips

I will say it is very import the quantity of water intake be dropped from dawn hours such as 6pm. Taking so much water when its already late doesn’t seem to be a good option. 

Well recommended is an alarm system specifically customized for users who bed wet. The alarm rings whenever it comes I contact with wet drops and rings. The alarm sounds so discomforting that the users gets up times and continuously it becomes part of them and it helps reduce the rate of bed wetting.

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