Top 10 Tools for Professional Content Creation


The count rise of content creators continues to rise on a daily some of this individuals go into Blogging to showcase their works to the world. Clearly understanding Blogging as an art driven by passion and using the right blogging tools is undeniably a must know secret to make your work stand out professionally, ease your stress and save your time to crate other contents.

Gladly, I have considered it important to make a Top10 listing of some blogging tools or content creation tool to enhance your blogging experience as well as the experience of your readers!

I have personally used at least 75% of the tools mentioned below so I can be confident sharing what it feels and how using it has enhanced my work overtime. However, the remaining 25% of tools listed here are suggested by Bloggers whose opinions I read and considered nice to also share to all here.

Hemingway Editor

Coming through as number one on the listing is the Hemingway Editor for awesome work edit. The beauty of this great tool is it primary application with contents on desktop mood. For PC users, it’s a great desktop writing tool which will enhance your writing, and it’s available for Windows and Mac. 


For first time user, this awesome green interface app is a very good text typing app for organized work along with reminder and other features that makes it flexible. Additionally, you can use it to take note on any device. And it’s available via cloud syncing making typed document works always saved and traceable just like the Google Docs.


The uniqueness of BuzzSumo comes in highly relevant because you can comfortable enter a website or alternatively enter a topic to surf the web using their bot to find the most shared and engaging content. Not just that, you can then additionally add your own unique ideas and make your work more creative and stand out. 


Furthermore, our next mention on the list of Top10 tools for professional content creation is the Red template Platform called Quora. On Quora you don’t necessary go through any stress to look for answers or share question bothering you because the platform is a bank off knowledge. 

To simple do this, all you simply have to do is search for your keywords in a search box of Quora, and then you will get unlimited ideas or varying opinions for your blog content. 

Google Trends

This is a powerful tool for Bloggers and content creators that want to target a particular geo-region, a particular time frame, and list of rising keywords by search, list of keywords ranking top by global searches and so on. Moreover, you can check the currently trending topics based on any country you specified or find the search trend for any keyword of your choice and create contents on them. 

Headline Analyzer

Aiming to be very brief on this one because it concise, this tool like the name implies is a professional content creation tool for getting awesome post titles and potentially ranking.


Grammerly as a tool is pretty popular and well known. To cap it up, this tool is also recommended for non-native English speakers with it list of features such as aiding proof-reading, suggesting words for your contents and correcting typo errors as well.

ProWriting Aid

Progressing, ProWriting Aid has kept to its name by serving as a powerful professional tool for creating contents, fixing text errors, spelling checks and it supports multiple platforms.


For free images this platform comes as my number one. On Pixabay you can download high quality images and you don’t need to give credit as it is all free or any user to use.


Audacity is a sound recording tool flexible for any Desktop device and OS as well. More still, it’s useful for podcasters because you can comfortable record audios and edit the recordings as well.


For videos content creators such as Youtubers, having TubeBuddy in your directory is pretty cool as you can organically engage other users channel and also watch your channel grow as well and have subscribers and watch hours.

Conclusively, the above listed tools is just my Top10 tools for professional content creation out of over 1000 varying web tools with different functions. Kindly use the comment box below to also share yours and I will update this article with your opinion.

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