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From a country of poor economical sustainability, currency rise and drop, threat of the recession, and a lot of uncertain factors could potentially retard the lackluster ones into high extreme relaxation, thereby pushing more lazy youths into the street and giving a backing reason for the high rise of crime and insecurity.

This article is about a Nigerian self-made Entrepreneur, Leak Blogger and Business oriented Medical Scientist Naabiae Nenubari alias ‘The Blogger Scientist’ and his digital journey into making him a reputable business profile.


Naabiae Nenubari M abbreviated for “Nenu-B The Blogger Scientist” is a Nigerian blogger who grew up to be a web activist against online frauds and the profiles behind scam schemes, thereby playing a role in making the web safe with his brand Xycinews Media.

As a student of the illustrious University of Port Harcourt, he combined his Human Physiology career and Blogging giving rise to the name ‘The Blogger Scientist’. In this documentation, he explains in details how he made himself financially comfortable amidst uncertainties before becoming successful.

Birth of the Brand

Nenu-B the Blogger Scientist started his brand ‘Xycinews Media’ in the year 2017, but a lot surrounded that decision. While seeking admission to study Medicine, he spent by-time visiting the University English and Linguistic department to pick and read English paper works for fun.

In time, this gave rise for a passion in writing, after months of self-training on copying writing and creative content creation, he applied and got approval to contribute as an Author for many blogs. After publishing an estimated 200 original contents on blogs, forums and Opera news, he move to opening his brand. 

Originally, he started out with the brand name “Nature delight”, this was because of his love for nature photography and wildlife research. Some factors rose and the name was replaced with “Facts world” and finally, he settled down with “Xyci-News”. 

Mid 2017 after using interface like wix, simplesites and utest, he lunched Xycinews on blogger. Further spending a year in learning SEO to certification, he switched to WordPress for a better optimization. 

Entrepreneur Blogger

Making money sometimes is undeniably something complicated when there is zero insight and funds to start a desired project. However, he started his financial journey with zero funds backed with experience and knowledge. The Blogger Scientist organized SEO classes for Nigerians and a special classes for Asian bloggers among other countries.

By late 2019, he had over 600 articles to his credit, 20 blogs management reputation and had some Award recognition. Closing 2020, he already had over 2000 originally written web contents to his credit and still aims at making his brand the Best Leak and Review Blog.

Utilizing the Digital Sphere

In a documentation on his take on how to utilize the internet for creating wealth then causing social nuisance, he elaborately detailed his different ventures and the result yield. Below is Naabiae Nenu-B detailed narrative;

One thing about this country Nigeria is what I call ‘Wrong Energy Syndrome’.

When I say “Wrong Energy Syndrome”, I’m clearly talking about the major factor that has limited productivity of some youths. Starting with the educational sector, imagine a first class graduate awarded just N10,000 after years of hard work reading. Well known, having a white collar job isn’t so easy anymore.

Some legit internet hustlers over the years has being framed for unmerited crimes because of poor investigative efforts. As a result, you may fear you’re the next target because a time rose when owning an IPhone or a Benz especially automatically implied you’re a fraudster.

Nonetheless, I strongly believe and advocate for hard work in legit ways then the overnight millionaire mindset from a dubious means. There is a lot to do if you want to change your status and I will briefly mention a few because that’s what worked for me and I can also guide anyone with my secret formula.

  • Blogging: Though this requires dedicated effort, but I’m sure it certainly rewards with time. Once the necessary training is undergone and hard work is in motion, you can make it.

  • Vlogging: This is about creating video contents on YouTube, meeting it earning requirements and start making money from your videos. There is a lot of areas to focus on but I must say, create video contents based on what you love. Don’t create a channel for football update when you don’t like football at all.

  • Network Marketing: This is a powerful system that has worked for me, it’s all about undergoing skillful training and using the acquired knowledge to build leverage and make money over a period of time. The beauty of network marketing is the rewarding score after a long term consistency

  • Investing: As an investor, I will also recommend this. My pick isn’t those online platforms I usually expose on Xycinews.com, rather I mean well accredited business firms, stocks, landed property and the list continues.

  • Skill: This can’t be overemphasize, the government has created the opportunity for youths to be trained in acquiring a skill. Just utilize those chances or take up funds, pay, learn and master a skill. There is a lot of skills like Sawing, Wielding, Programming, Baking and much more. I can always lend word of advice and practically steps on the most effective skill to learn for optimum productivity.

  • Whatsapp TV: I once started a Whatsapp TV that ranned for over 1 year before leaving it and diverting the attention and funds accumulated into investing in greater business opportunity.

Like earlier mention, everything I have recommended has being tried by me and a lot of failures and success has being recorded. The art of making money starts with thinking, setting goals, working hard to achieve. One book that has helped me a lot is “Master You – The Art of Execution” by Perebo Adumo.


Naabiae Nenubari “The Blogger Scientist” has demonstrated a high level of intellectuality in help young individuals like him make money online or offline rather than spending the entire energy on social media, spreading unverified news, laughing over memes and looking for motivational quotes to back up unused hours.


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