5 very useful Internet Tools to Improve Online Efficiency

Author: Amobi Blessing Chinaza 

The era of Internet has led to the spread of information across the globe. People tend to engage in online activities which enhance communication, and wide spread of knowledge.

Theis said to be a scientific study of human mind and it's functions, in highlight to their behavioral effect in a given context. I will mention a few of the 5 very useful Internet Tools to Improve Online Efficiency in the brain. 

  1. Learning

  2. Motivation

  3. Social and emotional dimensions

  4. Assessment

  5. Cognition

Having looked into those principles I was able to pin point the relevant information that will summaries our case study.

With the wide use of Internet globally both by student, professionals and workers

Here are basic problems of Internet and Information on how this problems can be solved.


Students, teachers use more of the internet to get materials for studying. But when these materials are wrong they are misinformed and the knowledge of those aren't useful as they should be. This can be said to be the firs of five useful Internet Tools to Improve Online Efficiency

Also coming to the economy and what's happening around us, we get our information from news articles online, and when this articles gives us wrong insights on what's happening, we become ignorant of the danger ahead. Therefore accurate informations tend to improve online efficiency.

Social influence

Here social media plays an important role to improve online efficiency. We have up to billions of people world wide using socials like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. And we won't ignore the influence they play on both teens and adult. People live large, show off and have lots of people looking up to them. People are pressured to go against their beliefs just to feel among. Some loose their judgement skills and entities to live up to people expectations.


Internet brings about competition among it's user. This competition exist among writers, bloggers as well as we individual. Everyone wants to be the best and be able to be recognized in there various fields. To improve online efficiency, this a healthy principle cos we don't only get information for one source but various others and we opt for the best. Thus brings accuracy and reliance on internet use.


The quest to be recognized by our efforts, works or achievement adds to the chain of improvement in our internet use. It entertains as you see people struggle to gain populace, also serves as a motivation to some.

We are in an era where anyone would wish to be known whether locally or globally. Social medias also makes this possible.


Lastly, we gain knowledge each passing day as we use the internet. Take for example the YouTube, there are helpful videos that help in our learning process, we got know about the lifestyles of people who ignite our interest, Learn your DIY'S, serves as entertainment and lots more.

Hence, learning tend to improve online efficiency. When lots of people do all their possible best to gain knowledge we tend to get more internet users.


We could possibly say that internet has it's merits and demerits when it comes to use, but all attribute to the functioning of the system. We are now left with our choices to make the best use of this opportunity given to us.

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