Innovative Ideas to Sport as an Entertainment from Stone Age.


Long time ago, in ancient Roman Arena, there were over 50,000 seated in audience waiting in expectation and anticipation for the soon to be launched attraction and perhaps addiction.

This attraction or addiction varies from magic to pantomimes, clowns performance, bull fighting, prisoner’s self-defense from idol honoring, goddess’s recognition, and violence filled thrilling events. Just name them.

Those Romans, Greeks and other surrounding nations have already installed a paramount suspense in themselves. And hours before the event kicks off, they all have in their suspense positioned themselves in the arena.

Today, sports in general has taken another dimension you would agree with me. But an ancient trend still continues (brutality), however now tagged as adventure, discovery to mention a few. Examine below some very few extreme sports of this generation and the risk in association with them.

The Sporting Activities for Recreation

Bull fighting 

Although not majorly practiced in recent years, in the southern America and Mexico, this has being a long peculiar event despite its means brutality and it extended to Latin America, Portugal and Spain, sad to note. This is an event of fighting very angry bulls and having them killed. The event has led to the death of over 1000 participants (think about it).

Water Boarding and Surfing

As the name implies, this sport entails surfing on the water surface by the angry waves of the sea or whatever means with the intentions of testing water board stability. It is usually enjoyed by shore visitors and water side dwellers. It is actually a fun filled sight but it also has its negative sides. Such includes fatalities such as terrible encounter with unknown water rocks or the angry ocean tides rising up to several feet’s/meters.

Sky Diving

This sports includes dangerous height fall, although participants claim to be specially qualified, jump from a very high height, most times possible from a moving plane, sky scrapper, and high rise buildings .etc. Although having a parachute makes it no safer. 

The parachutes leads them from the high air, safely down to the ground levels. Outside the fun in viewing it, the effect of air pressure on the individual can cause internal pain and injuries more so in times of critical landing, can cause death.

Skate Boarding

We all know about skating, little or more this is a cool sport since it can be very enticing, it can also be used for generous street walk. Its risk can also be detrimental when there is no precautions and regulations. A reckless teen took this sport to the high drive way and eventually got smashed by a company’s truck (what the heck?). 

So for a better enhancement, these sport are be reserved to be carried out in special designated places, but it carelessness can’t be overly emphasized nor ignored.

Scuba Diving

This implies scuba divers going down in to the deep sea for new findings (curiosity), but this has its forms of threat live. Scuba divers always carry along underwater breathing apparatus, and some of this apparatus has being noted to trouble its carriers due to its weights. Another disadvantage of this sport is possible dangers from deep sea creatures like the sharks, lampreys, electric fish (the sea predators). Also, another danger in this adventure is the fact that they could be far away from their habitual boats and could be lost in deep dark holes, the impossibility of finding them mean *****.

Mountain Climbing

Cumulatively for over ten years now, more than 700 persons has real huge sums because of the zeal in trying to climb a mountain. All because of acclaiming a title and fame (unbelievable indeed). Some of the sad incident they incurred include cold, broken bones from falls, strained muscles, to mention a few. 

Surprisingly all these risk have not served as a discouraging factor to those anticipating and yet to embark on this expeditions. Therefore, for this reason, proper training and safety aid kit are made available. This makes some journey safe, and other journey, God knows what.


If you have ever seen this sport, you would agree with me that it is interesting to watch sport where pro bickers use special bikes in doing combination of drifts and stunts skills learned and practiced. This sport is often carried out in hills side or desert lands. 

But a biker says “I have lost 42 of my bones and I have about 30 screws in me, I am optimistic and I will be back”. 

Although his statement printed passion about what he does despite all the risk involved in the sport.

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