Futuristic Buildings and Brilliant Structural Engineering


Buildings, one of the engineers pride. From the onset of development, buildings has proven to be the most beneficial development in man’s history but all thanks to the engineers (local or sophisticated).

Globally billions of buildings are constructed per year and certainly for different purpose in mind, let us analyze the purpose and reasons of some constructions in today’s world.

Tourist and tourism:

Due to man’s need for a peaceful life filled with enjoyment not yet available some engineers sort out a way of such relaxation. But it does not end there since this is a place of relaxation it has a lot of magnitude to pull other individuals to it. This is achieved by the careful arrangement and plan of the engineer. It entails nature in beautification. 


Animals the beauty of wild life, although most time unfriendly to man but still fun to watch anyways. But due to recent developments and climatic evolution, a thought of creating a home and where they can be watched at

the ease of man became imminent. the one beauty of this place is that it can aid the breeding of  animals heading for extinction.

For Prison:

No need to freak this building may not be for you except you are a lover of crime and troubles. For those who are not, do you know that this building helped to reduce at least 30% of crime? How so, nobody would want to get locked up and still suffer, it is better to be free while in problems than not you would agree and still we got the apathetic ones that usually dance to the music they play. The prison now entertains over some 2 million person worldwide. 


After the residential buildings this may be the next dominating set of building on the engineers list. Sure we do have few many forms of worships today anyways, (name them). This building plays an important function in today’s world and due to this, little wonder why an entrepreneur called this a private building in a public sector.


This building calls finances to mind, a house of commercial currencies used for various transactions. It has earned a medal as the most trusted building in the world today, I’m sure you can tell. Basically based on its ability to house this currencies and some other precious metals with one of the toughest securities. 

Office and Shops:

This is the building of incomes, big or small, minute or tangible. This also includes factories and companies based on its need, where the office is more co-coordinated with individuals at times startly dressed, which includes the Google offices, The White house, The Banks and other place of occupational places. Nonetheless, the shops includes the boutique where we buy wears, the market where we buy food items, the super markets and lot other forms of it. 

Buildings Types

Listed below are some building types, while some may seem common others are not pretty much available except in reserve areas.

  • Maisonette 

  • Ranch House                   

  • Chalet House

  • Row House 

  • Semi-Detached                 

  • Igloo

  • Blocks of flats 

  • Terraced                     

  • Duplex

  • Pent House 

  • Underground rooms        

  • Condominium

  • Palace          

  • Detach House               

  • Thatched house

  • Apartments 

  • Sky Scrappers

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