Expectancy of Human Lifespan Drops vs Animals Aging


Firstly, I want to acknowledge I dearly understands that everyone really want to live long to a considerable number of age. Nonetheless, a lot of sad things has happened around the timeline that has altered this smooth ride in relation to our forefathers of the Stone Age.

Additionally, I know if we have good health, money and little to worry about then we have nothing to worry about. In this article targeted about Human lifespan drops a lot will be focused on such as:

  • Animals and their approximate life spans

  • Plants and their approximate life spans

  • The Aging Model

  • The Body Cells

  • Historical Traces

However, another sad reality about the human lifespan drop is that man now liv between the age range of about 70 years, or possible extend to 90 years in some green land nations. Naturally, at this point of livelihood a lot of things changes drastically such as recalling or finding it hard to recall our youthful friends, weakness or lack of vigor to carry out a lot of activities and a lot of irreversible effects because this is like the edge of the river.

Science says even if man is given life till 80 years of age, he is yet to learn all the knowledge of the world let alone explore everything such as the science and wonders of the world to satisfaction. 

Animals and the Lifespan Expectancy Margin

Having a careful cross examination on animals and their life span expectancy is going to push us to understanding more about the variation of species as it applies to this article. 

  • Little bee is believed to have a life span of about 90days before it dies. Within this 90 days period, it is known to contribute economically such as pollinating plants and producing honey which is of economic and health benefits.

  • Next is the house mouse studies to have a life time expectancy of about 3 years. It’s important to note that in this period of 3years it successfully breed lot of mice, and cause little havoc on documents that crosses it part in an office setting.

  • Often called man best friend, the Dog is documented to live for about 15 to 20years at the most favorable of conditions. Within this period of livelihood it plans major significant roles which includes chasing cats, sniffing for prey, raising puppies and acting as security. 

  • The Smart Men of the Jungle as some calls the monkey has an approximate life span of about 30 years. Mandrill is said to be the largest species of this animal but what counts is the social life and their intellectuality during their life time.

  • Gladly seeming is the coconut crab in the tropic which is known to enjoy the coconut juice of any tree it stumbles upon and can live for up to 30 years.

  • The water know Alligator can live for as long as 50 years and it’s of note that this animal is pretty wild and lives in aquatic regions or crawls on land.

  • Tagged as the king of the Jungle, the Elephant is a huge, strong and might animal from it body size to mass. Research however shows it can live up to 70years of age. Noteworthy is their awesome and private communication skills among themselves.

  • Importantly, I feel it’s cool including the parrot a lone home pet with apt communication skills and ability to air out vocals. Unverified reports claims it can live up to 30 years.

  • African moonlight tales tags the Tortoise as the wisest animal on earth. Of note is it heavy protective shell and it can live up to 100 years of which a documentary also says it can live up to 200years in favorable conditions and depending on the species as well.

Plants and the Lifespan Expectancy Margin

  • A Tropical Hydra plant life expectancy is 4 years

  • Historical Olive Tree lives up to 2,500 years.

  • Giant Sequoia Tree can live for up to 3,000 years.

  • Fitzroy Cupressoides Plant is an old tree with up to 4000 years life span

  • Bristle Pine can live for 5,000 years.

  • Jurupa oak can live for 10,000 years.

The above is just a few of plants that has beaten the record man can never beat in this era of livelihood and human lifespan drop margin. 

The Aging Model

The secret of aging or why man grows old continuous to become a major science research work till date and how to look ever young from the cells internally. Man isn’t any machine or robot and the skin texture or looks continues to vary with time from child birth where the bones starts ossification to a firm rigid structure.

The Body Cells

From a statistic, a reports says about 10,000 cells are produced every day in the human body implying over 70,000 cells weekly and about 310,000 monthly, and over 3, 650,000 annually. This implies that at age 49 the body already has over 89,600,000 cells in statistics of previously dead and living. 

Historical Traces

Conclusively, looking at historical traces, the Holy Book mentions some individuals who lived for so long and below is a mention:

  • Adam lived for 930 years.

  • Noah son, Shem lived for 600 years.

  • Arpachshad lived for 438 years.

  • Abraham lived for 175 years.

  • Reu lived for 2400 years.

  • Methuselah 970 years.

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