What are the Health Benefit of taking a Cold Shower


Over the web there are a lot of post about what you should do in shower and what you should not do but why am I writing this, you may want to ask. Have you also considered what are the health benefits of taking a cold shower?

To start with anyways, we all know the benefits of showering especially twice a day. Simply because if we do not take our bath we are going to develop some unwanted complications coupled with that bad smell hence there’s so much attached to our being clean. However what are the benefits of showering?


The Benefit of taking a Cold Shower


Toxins removal:

The body has its own bacteria’s and that is exactly what is responsible for the different body smell you must have come across, but still there is no need to freak out, it is not deadly while it is still not healthy. Hence there is a need to take our bath regularly to reduce the effects of this body bacteria’s. Do you know that the sweat is odorless?


Better Rest:

Today we all go to work, for work, or for a walk and most times than not we usually end up being very tired and stressed out. But you will concur that just a quick shower goes a long way to diffuse this built up stress as it helps reduce our body metabolic rate and cools our thoughts, preparing us for better rest.

Do you know that showering reduce up to 30% risk of fatigue?



How rare but I’m sure you must have spotted out someone who did not shower before stepping out, perhaps to get some snacks. How distinct and obvious it was. But the person goes in, comes out after some time and looks very brilliant, you begin to gaze at admiration. (Enough of stories). It all happened as a result of a kind of relaxation that happens when your metabolic rate is deplete.

Do you know taking a cold bath reduces brain stress?


Reduced Tension:

I’m sure you must have seen movies where when in a tough situation, the individual goes to the rest room, washes face with water and perhaps you may also be a victim, so you have idea about what I’m saying. When tensed our nerves becomes active, sometimes our body may even secrete adrenaline (for fight or flight). But to get back to a relaxed state we just need a coolant.


Medical Purpose:

Like we all know if not of the prolific power of water in the medical field. It could be used to message over the affected area, also it is used in the mixture of powdering syrups, more so also used to wash injuries and affected areas.

Generally I have highlighted some benefits of water and they are all obviously beneficial.


What should you not do in Shower?

In as much as we have mentioned the benefits of taking a cold shower is very important, so much have happened in that small room of the house. Ranging from severe injuries, paralysis, and even death. But all are as a result of mistakes that seem simple but expensive. Let us examine some of this events.



Since while dancing we become lose and feel fly, we could easily slip and fall just like many others, at time it result may be complicated and other times not.


Being drunk

Although this is a very reckless act that many have decided to turn away from with a deaf ear. More often than not the result of this has been recorded very critical. Do you know that falling is a typical form of home accident?


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What are the Health Benefit of taking a Cold Shower