8 Smart Strategies on how to Pass Exam as a Jambite - Anthony Meshach Tips

The joy of doing anything well is quite unexplainable, working on a thing and achieving a good result is another good medicine to the body.

Likewise the pain of losing or performing poorly is poisonous, so in order to smile and be happy after performing a given task there are some steps or patterns one can actually utilize to achieve a good result. 

No one gets to the university in Nigeria without partaking in jamb exercises. Everyone aspiring to be in the four walls of any higher institution in Nigeria must be ready to take part in the jamb exercise.

Knowing jamb is quite a process you can't bypass, there must be a form of readiness and preparedness in order to do well.

Scoring high in jamb gives you a better chance at gaining admission to your choiced course and school.

We will be looking at some steps we must employ to get a good result. The following are some important steps.

Go Through Your Textbooks

You must have an ideal of the subject you want to write by reading the subject very well. This is one secret many forsake, you must get the right textbooks and go through them thoroughly before your exams, this would give you an idea of the subject in general. In addition to what you have been taught in your schools you must make sure you digest your secondary school textbooks very well. Read it from beginning to end.

Use Jamb Syllabus

Jamb syllabus is just "a what to read guide". It shows the appropriate textbook to read, the important topics and subtopics, and more importantly the objectives ( what you are expected to know about the topic).

With time I have come to discover that jamb uses their syllabus more than any other thing. Another advantage of using jamb syllabus is that it makes your reading easier and more convenient.

While studying with the syllabus, make sure you know almost everything in the objectives part. Study alongside with the right textbooks as mentioned by jamb, do it for all your subjects, and you are ready to score amazingly well.

Past Questions

The benefits of studying alongside with a very good past question is so numerous to mention, but here are some of the benefits; it makes you conversant with how jamb questions are being set, it also help you test your readiness and how prepared you are, you will find it easy to answer some repeated questions, and it helps you boost your speed while answering your questions.

With all the benefits of past questions it's not advisable to study only your past questions, reason being that some questions may not be repeated, so study your textbooks very well and also study your past questions. Don't keep anyone aside, use the two, to be on the better side.

Time Conscious

You must understand that you don't have all the time, you only have a few hours to write four subjects. One of the things that would help you meet up with time is your level of preparation and your smartness.

Don't spend all the time on one question because you want to get it by all means, anyone that looks so difficult you can skip them and answer the more simple ones and come back to the difficult ones later.

This is the reason many people would come out from the hall and start crying that the time wasn't enough. Remember don't spend all the time on one question, answer the ones you are very sure of and come back to the other ones later and see what you can actually do.


After answering all the questions and you still have some time left, don't be too fast to submit, make sure you cross check your work very well before you submit.

Start Early

One of the benefits of preparing for any exams early is that it builds your confidence and you won't be confused between two similar options in a particular question. Don't wait until it's two weeks to your exam before you start reading, even the very brilliant ones still start early enough. Start now to read all you have to read. Pay the price you have to pay to come out with a smiling face when you check your result.

Plan And Know Yourself

You must have a goal and a laid down plan on achieving it. Plan your time of study and your time for other activities. And know yourself, a man with the knowledge of who and how he is to make sure he works on things to suit his person.
The truth be told, we aren't equal intellectually, some people are more intelligent than we are, but it doesn't really matter much if we come to the knowledge of this and work accordingly.
If you aren't that smart, work on yourself and study harder and smarter, and face your exams with confidence. And if you are advantaged and you are smart and good intellectually, still study and write your jamb with confidence.

Discipline And Determination
We have heard these two  words so much that some of us don't see their value. The truth is that you must discipline yourself very well to be able to study. Discipline will help you kill laziness, learn to do all things at the right time and based on the scale of preference. You must also be determined to achieve your dream score.

Hope all the details will be helpful enough. Don't be lazy, jamb isn't as difficult as most people think, just do the right thing and you are on your way to success.

Anthony Meshach

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