7 Brilliant Ways to Express Genuine Love and Care.

Being a Parent is a blessing and actually the beginning of an entirely new phase of life, this phase make commitment to your family a certainty especially to the kids. Being too busy at work without caring or having time for personal relationship can be emotional traumatizing to them hence the importance of this article.

Therefore, mentioned below are 7 brilliant steps/ways Parents can take to make their kids and family at large feel so special and loved.

  1. Pay attention

Generally Kids love expressing themselves and mostly very curious, although this can be tiring and disturbing at times but it may not be cute to  hush them away, your listening ear and facial expression is there heart earned desired, funny enough they are very smart in reading this expressions. You might think all is fine, but only when you listen attentively you will know if they are being bullied, ill or bored since most times they would not easily let them out no matter how caring you may seem to be. 

  1. Compassion 

Kids can be so hilarious, ridiculous, loose and hence offending. while discipline is of peak importance to especially the African child with respect to the environment and influence of your particular of situation ,you necessarily need to always spank them, most wrongs were not intentional but adventure and curiosity  turn sour. Draw them close, give a warning and leave using the whip at all times. 

  1. Spend Time in Nature

Natural energy and activities attracts kids, ranging from flowers, butterfly, moon, fruits and so on should be used for lesson and emphasis, even more local stories (aka moonlight stories). Have a walk in nature, let them feel the warm of nature by yourself side but not necessarily all the time. This create unforgettable memories in their head. 

  1. Practice Patience

It can be though at times, they could be slow to eat, walk, and get ready for school or something else especially when the time is ticking against you. But it does not bite be patient with them and teach them how to manage time efficiently since they will live with this management skills you impact on them now.

  1. Give Gifts 

A sweet, cake or toy puts a smile on kids face. But not only on special occasions like birthdays or any other celebrations, let them feel happy and cheerful for the Parent they have and not anticipate on their parents. This will make them more eager to be smart, alert and serious pulling out the best in them. 

  1. Compliments 

Parents sometimes are apathetic in complimenting and commending their kids but trust me it’s not cute in anyway, a simple Well-done, or congratulations or even a casual praise with amazement can do a great job. All this compliments helps builds confidence and reason to work harder some other time. 

  1. Body Feels 

Hold their hands, at times give them a warm hug and show your love and believe in them. This is a confidence supplement for all especially the kids (remember when you first met her and the impact you both felt) this is an emotional and sensational act, it is priceless and our children deserve such a gift also.

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