7 Best Secular Platforms to Engage During Leisure


Feeling bored or less occupied is a common feeling that comes around once in a while due to lot of factors such as being stuck in a repeated exercise or possible having zero exercise or active going on at the point of mention.

Clearly, feeling this way is like a sickness needing drugs so it’s like a feeling needing an activity to use and past time. On this note I have decided to create an article on the best secular platforms to engage during leisure as a student, working class or anyone at all.

Opera News App 

I will say this is geographically based as this option may not appeal to all users. Nonetheless, I personally suggested opera mini because you can watch a lot of short clips here, read news and possible get paid minor tokes if it’s cool with you writing for them.

With the light seeming and clean design, Opera mini seems so smooth and easier to navigate than other browsers. The platform also comes with leverage of blocking ads, minimizing data, having a profile and a few more.


Gladly, putting the Flipboard among my list of best secular platform to engage is as a result of its ability to self-develop any individual at all. Its undeniable one of the best reading app that gathers news around the web and delivers them to your feed for consumption.

Google Place Review

I have being using Google Map to the fullest in the past few months. Surprisingly, you add places to the map, aim for greater score on your board, and gather picture views and much more then also get randomly rewarded by Google as well.


4chan has maintained it reputation as an anonymous English Based Language image board platform lunched far back October 2003 by Christopher Poole. On this platform anyone or everyone can post comments and also share image anonymously.

On 4chan you can talk about a whole lot of topics from anime that has caused you a whole lot of buzz, to meals that of your interest, possible new video games in the block and much more.

Word Readers  

Online library book stores is pretty trending and I can assume the next best secular platform to engage on this list here which is Word Reader is already know by lot of readers out there. The beauty of it is that you can build your own library sitting at home and also read novels to any trending, newly released books of your choice as well.


Don’t smile much seeing Tiktok on my list of secular platform to engage and pass out time. Firstly, Tiktok is known in Chinese as Douyin  which is a video sharing platform and for those who will never share theirs you can also watch that of others and laugh away stress till you got your hands on something. 

Bytedance is a Chinese company and they are responsible for the development and possession of Tiktok. What primarily happens on tiktok from my overview is short clips on comedy, dancing, drama staged, educational briefs and so on.

Xycinews Media

Conclusively coming last on this listings one of the best financial and review platforms called Xycinews.com -. Xycinews media is a platform founded by Naabiae Nenubari far back 2017 where he primarily update users on different financial platforms and possible reasons why there funds is safe there or not worth the try in other not to fall prey to web scammers.


Anyways, I want to appreciate you for reading this far on my pickoff best secular platforms to visit during leisure. Nonetheless there are countless of platforms on the internet and below is some list to also choose from.

  • Good reads

  • Bookish

  • Shelfari

  • Gamespot

  • Gematsu

  • PC Gamer

  • Netflix

  • Crackle

  • IMDb TV


  • YELP

  • Wikipedia

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

Lastly, I want to kindly encourage you users to continue visiting and also comment any platform you personally enjoy using in the comment box below as well.

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