5 Nature Friendly Environmental Tips for a Healthy Longevity


Background Study on Longevity

Often times, people like to say things like "age is nothing rather than a number." Maybe this is very correct. But then, in reality, we take age a lot more seriously than we care to admit. 

For a profound understanding of how people think about aging, a survey was carried out. In this survey, over 3,000 American adults were asked how long they want to live.

From the survey, it was observed that about 2 out of every 3 adults (63%) want to live longer than their average expected life span (which is 81 years for women and 75 years in the case of men in the Northern America region). 

Also, the older in time we get, the chances of using wishing to live further persists.. For example, 71% of adults, 65 years and older, want to live longer versus 61% of adults, 18-34 years old.

It is safe to assume that most people want to live a long life, regardless of their socioeconomic status. 

Jeanne Calment of France (1875–1997) has being recorded to have one of the world longest life span, imagine living 122 years and 164 days.

There are a lot of lifestyle factors that determines how long a particular individual could live. But before we consider those, let's look at the misconception(s) of longevity. 

Misconception(s) of Longevity

Logically, aging doesn’t exactly mean having more years on this planet. Possibly could also imply not having enough independence or freedom and having our sanity vained.

Over the years, traditional myths have risen to propel poor reasoning. One of these many myths is that working too hard shortens the human lifespan. Howard Friedman, PhD, co-author of the new book The Longevity Project, opined differently and I quote: "Hard work is not the only health challenge," says Friedman. 


This is in keeping with findings that many profiles don’t do well when retired, especially in cases where their occupation seems to have helped them secure some useful bucks. 

The is when you're overwhelmed with heavy work load and feel it's the best choice. Many people have also fallen prey to the notion that longevity is primarily governed by our genetics. 

Additionally, the body genes also have another smaller role it play than generally assumed. Possibly, your asking "what really counts as long as longevity is in the picture? 

Proven Ways to Enhance Longevity

Environmental factors like diet and lifestyle is currently a believed trend, as the key to longevity. Below are some working habits that everyone desiring to live further more of quite longer should consider;

Eating Healthy Plant Foods

Consuming a wide variety of natural plant or nature products which includes grains, greens such as vegetables, walnuts, fresh fruits, the likes of beans and much more could certainly decrease an individual chances of becoming ill and help attain longevity. 

Greatly, there are lot of researchers having linked or adviced to stick to a plant-rich diet in order to lower the risk of premature or untimely death, and also aid in reducing or subduing the risk of heart failure, disease associated, body metabolic down syndrome, arising cancer complications, emotional depression, brain coordination failure.

As a result, many lab works and research scientist have concluded that green and vegetables can actually reduce the risk of heart failure among other complications.

Exercising Regularly

It shouldn't come as a surprise that exercising regularly can keep you healthy and boost your longevity. As little as 15 minutes of exercise per day could help you achieve benefits, which could include an additional 3 years of life. 

Also, your risk of premature death could decrease by 4% for each additional 15 minutes of daily physical exercise. A recent review observed a 22% lower risk of early death in folks who exercised — even though they worked out less than the recommended 150 minutes per week.

Individuals who attained the 150 target minute recommended were just 28% less faced with the fear of early death. Unsurprisingly, that number was 35% for those who exercised beyond this recommended limit.

Cultivating a good sleeping habit

“Sleep is not a luxury,” says Dr. James O’Brien who is an Expert Medical Director from Boston Sleep Care Center in the city of Waltham. “It’s a necessity for optimal functioning." 

When you fall asleep, your brain makes a systematic list of the previous day’s experiences, primes your memory, and triggers the release of hormones regulating energy, mood, and mental acuity. 

In order to complete this work of sustainability, the mood regulation, and yield great productivity some factors are important. Having a good ready and sleep schedule that spans across 7hrs to 8hrs daily.

Expectations From The Practices of Longevity

Longevity may appear to be beyond your control, but many healthy habits, when cultivated, lead you to a ripe, old age. 

A few of these habits are: drinking coffee or tea, exercising, getting enough sleep, and limiting your alcohol intake.

Putting everything read here together can boost your life and put you on the path of living pretty longer and happily.

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