18 Strange Pen Uses You Have Never Imagined Existed


From childhood we lay our hands on Pen and most times all that rings in the head is that the Pen is strictly used for writing and that is why I wrote this article to entail 12 strange pen uses against the commonly thought of using it for writing.

What is a Pen?

Firstly, understanding what a pen means will go a long way to open the mind. The Pen an instrument of varying design, size in respect to height and weight containing ink in it inner layer for inscribing text or art on any given material suitable for it.

Contexts of Pen

The word Pen has applied in varying context like “PEN INTERNATIONAL” which is a worldwide association of writers founded far back in London in the year 1921 to primarily promote literature and intellectual co-operation.

On another instance is the female swan which is also called pen varies from the context of pen here. The skill of being a good artist starts with that first grip of the Pencil drawing objects on given materials. On awkward imagination the ability of being a slit thief begins with that haphazard kid alternating his pencil as a weapon of violence towards others and potentially causing havoc etc.

Ignoring the above listed uses partially, the pen has far more strange uses unnoticed except in tight situations when we improvise.

18 Strange Pen Uses

  • The pen can be used for penning transcendent poetry.

  • As a straw

  • Invisible texts

  • Used as a Toy in place of telescope

  • For unlocking bike locks

  • Forming crossbow

  • Tracheotomy on TV

  • For penning content filled lyric for uplifting music.

  • Penning official innovative ideas 

  • Producing the life changing equations.

  • Draft out a potential future plan.

  • Draw art work

  • Send secret message

  • Transcript unknown stories.

  • Pen fight gaming

  • Create a new beat and rhythm

  • Alternate for violence

  • Scratch the hair

Out there, you might possibly have a lot of alternative to the already listed above. Even the far dated holy book and it manuscripts were all penned down with a writing material and an ink on a papyrus material.


Moe research has also shown that the ultra violet pen with the purpose or use for penning discreet invisible texts and sending private secret messages is also included.

Personally, I have concluded that the pen is one of the most owned and possessed asset of man because at least one to five, seven and so on is certainly in each and everyone’s home.

The pen has being wildly distributed with different designs out on a daily making variety and choice of varying option possible. Some giant pent firm names includes BIC which still exists till date. Clearly, you possible might have even used a pen today so never lose your pen on no reason and also share other pen uses I possible missed mentioning in this article.

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