Global Health Diseases and their Continental Medical Tolls


Understanding what good health means as a state or condition whereby an individual is in a sound physical, mental and social fitted condition not basically ill or sick from any disease. A lot of individuals aren’t sick per say from a disease but they are painfully dying slowing and seemingly from depression, broken homes and so on.

Crossing a statistics of the world population estimated to be about 7.5billion with over 18% of the entire population front time of historical dating being lost due to major plagues, pandemics, global effects and wars. Closing remembering the cold events of World War I and War II which took a lot of lives and properties worth billions still has it remains of dents till date.

Talking about other global health issues and their rise in death tolls brings about this article on silent weapons which have being used as biological tools to wipe out some races and targeted at some individuals or group.

Secret Dominance

Sadly, it’s considered to be a smart and tactical but dangerous means of executing mass kills without traces as the cases maybe sometimes. Lunching missiles might be hihjly known, traceable so science opted for alternative mood and this article is going to outline some of those virus, bacterium and ill mood in which these activities occurred.

Once a time, the British were accused of deliberately spreading small pox to the Indians, thereby logically forcing their warriors to surrender and retreat.

Of current for a while now, the United States of America with have enormously tried warning some war sparked nation on their threatening use of nuclear test weapons. This hard effort is continuously out there to prevent innocent death tolls at all cost, weapon based global health disease and also prevent anything that might lead to a war.

However, some nations in a bid to demonstrate military dominance has continued to produce this weapons in secrecy and even run private testing as well. Nonetheless, a look at Russians, Israel, Koreans, Indians, Japanese, Chinese, and a few tech advance nations are suspected to possess and also produce these weapons in secrecy at a location very secured and well protected from the world. Anyways, the common ground for this is underground, secret tunnels and unsuspected ware houses.

Bio-Attack Tools

It’s not arguable that pest attack crops and destroys it overtime from continuous attacks thereby terminating it yield product, progress, and profits in the market. Likewise, I can sadly say any is a victim of such as well. You will never see virus with your bear eyes but the traumatizing effect sends a warning and panic.

Some of the mostly used silent malicious weapons are disease and infections to wipe out races or group of sect and some of those weapons are mentioned below:

  • Anthrax

  • Plague

  • Small pox

  • Leishmanisis

  • Coronary Artery disease

  • Yellow fever

  • Tuberculosis.

  • Influenza

  • Pertussis

  • Ebola Virus

  • Tetanus

  • Meningitis

  • Syphilis

  • Leprosy

  • Measles

  • Covid-19

Some of the above mentioned disease and virus name might be strange to some and as well sound familiar but there mood of spread has being one unpredictable hard to suspect such as body contact with an already infected victims, sharing of sharp

Objects together, through wind, sand and dust, from insects bites or infected water source among other. 

The latest of note is the Corona Virus rumored or verified to start spreading from Wuhan China was firstly blamed tube a Bio-weapon but further research continuous to debunk that. 

Continuously, I have ticked to calling them all silent weapons because you can never tell they are lurking around because the start gradually, from a household to community virus and the a national issue then global pandemic causing global threat and international shutdown on major world trades, exchanges, activities and also render some jobless and hunger spreads.

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