5 Bizarre Water Contaminations in Urban Rural Areas

Water infection that affect ladies

Water has being named the most useful to man, one no one can do without. The earth is being said to house about 75% of water globally. Much more abundant than dry land. 

Drinking unclean water could be so dangerous to the general public. From research conducted, many persons has fallen Ill previously from drinking bad water. Mostly, because that have no choice. Let take a look at some of the infections associate with unclean water.


Ones water infected with water fleas is drunk, dracunculiasis is being spread. The symptoms of this infection are hardly observed but the prevention is not complicated at all.

Dracunculiasis can best be prevented by boiling drinking water and also filtering it before use, this applies to typical communities where clean water isn't accessible.

These disease is being noticed in Africa, so if you are reading this from any African nation, beware of its risk. The primary source is ponds and streams.


Typhoid has had it increase due to lack of adequate clean water source in poorly developed communities. It is noted that in the developing world, an average of 1 child dies in every minutes from cases related to typhoid. Washing the hands is one of the best means in preventing this disease. 

But in some under developed countries, it’s noted that 3 in every 10 persons do not wash their hands after using the restroom, and this is another spread method. Personal hygiene must be highly put into consideration.

Water infection that affect ladies


This waterborne infection cholera has greatly caused problem where there is no adequate sanitation nor safe water supply.  A victim of cholera suffers a great loss of body fluid more than a quart an hour, possibly leading to quick death without suspicion.

Many communities in interior places often suffer from this because of poor sensitization. It spread has also crossed the boarders of West Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Congo down to the far end of Liberia, Libya, Israel, Lebanon and the Soviet Union. Well, it is rumored to have come from foreign immigrant to Africa in 1994, killing millions in the last centuries. 


This is a deep rooted disease with  existence from the past century. For Christians, somewhere in the Holy Book of Act 28:8 “It happened that the father of Publius was lying in bed sick with fever and dysentery,” That has clearly shown that it has a long timeline of existence. 

A solution of water,  sugar, and salt, is a great trick of resolving dysentery according to some local sources. When water is suspected to be infected, it should be boiled quickly before consumption and for about 15 minutes where water contamination is severe. 

In some areas, drinking water may be purified by chlorination, but it should not be relied upon where bacteria and parasites are common. Boiling is highly recommend.


The Hepatitis A which was formally known as infection hepatitis Is an infection spread by eating food or water contaminated. This is so deadly because after the first stage of infection, the infected victim remains infected for a prolonged period if time. But at an early age, it is prevented by vaccination. 

Some other preventive measures involve covering meals in exposed environment, washing of the hands after using the bathroom and proper environmental sanitation.

Water occurs in vast quantities globally in varying quantities such as ocean, lakes, sea, spring, rivers, springs and underground source including wells. 

It’s also includes different droplets from clouds, including rain, snow and dews. From already accumulated source such as ocean, lakes, sea, spring, rivers, springs and underground source, they are believe to be have some impurities.

It's therefore important to make sure the water we take in is clean and safe. 

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