Ladies Avoid Exercise For This 4 Reasons

Ladies Avoid Exercise

Exercise is a very important part of healthy living and body fitness. The benefits of exercise can not be over emphasized all the times. But most times, some persons exercise for the wrong reasons. Sadly, ladies are acclaimed to have fallen victims of users who often give up after taking lessons for few days or weeks. Whereas, others give up too quick.

So, if your exercising for the below listed reasons, please stop exercising now and readjust. If your exercise routine is driven with the right aim and mindset, you will not see reasons to stop till your attain that desire body shape or living.

Monthly Resolution 

Is this funny, it shouldn't be. Many persons set new year’s resolution and keep up for just a few days, weeks or even months. 

So, if it's for the sake of resolution, our mindset should be for something else. It's important to know why and when, that will make us achieve more and feel uplifted. It's very likely to make plans and fail, most times failure is as a result of poor laid out plans. 

Every month, Target or aim for a 30 minutes run, strive to achieve it, make a tick on every complete circle, give yourself a good treat for being a good girl and maintain the focus.

To Impress Someone 

Never wake up and go to the gym to have abs or impress someone and think you will have that great body reformation your dreaming about, that's a wrong mindset. Anyways, I have some helpful guide to work with. Never forget that trying to impress someone will never make us focus, as a lady, you will always check the making to see if the changes are happening so quick like a magical wane.

Rather, take time to understand that patience is the truth and only way to look fit, loosing belly fat won't can never occur in a mins. Take off distractions and set achievable daily goals, that will help greatly.

For Fun 

What's Fun? Activities carried out for pleasure, amusement and not taken seriously most times. This shouldn't be here anyways, but if we aim at fun without knowing what we want, maybe stamina, muscles, abs etc, we are certain not to know the best exercise for uptimum results. 

Think about going to the gym to dance or have a drink, this isn't a norm. Remembering there is time for everything makes priority straight. Daily jogging will keep you fit, Cycling will keep the muscle flexible, lifting a gym will develop the muscles, practicing sit-up will gradually develop the abs, know what you want and when you want it. 


If your forced to exercise, you will lack the right frame of mind and agility. Generally, no one likes being forced because the result is always poor. Let it be your willful decision and you will excel in whatever the specific area or body development you have chosen.

Take a look at yourself, your the best mirror to yourself. Know where to work on, what to work on and when to work on it. 

Don't aim at impressing, don't over exaggerate yourself beyound your limit, and don't be forced to exercise, it gives the wrong vibes. 

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