Industrial Tips For Fashion Designers and Pageantry Models

Going into modelling has being so recommendable and highly lucrative because it's a profession with some much recognitions and prestige. From another perspective, thinking about the beautiful faces, awesome smile and ravishing look of the models, this has lured thousands to dream of being a model as well. 

Because of modelling, fashion designers has stepped up their games by designing more awesome fabrics that would make their work stand out and beat other compititive brands. Secondly, the name and fame associated is a honor worth having.

Overtime anyways, some newbies and aspirants has asked a lot of questions because they fear the compitition is so much and they don't stand a chance at all.

Before writing this guide, I did a survey to get the opinion and tips from different individuals who has participated in Pageantry, how they succeed smoothly, what were the challenges and so much more. Please don't forget to kindly share this article.

Below is a few sub categories I planned to be discussing on briefly to bring the light out.

  • Factos that matters for being a Model

  • Behavioral patterns that makes a contestant distinct

  • Benefits that comes from modelling.

  • The dark side of modelling

  • And much more.

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Factos That Matters For Being A Model

A lot of factors are being put into consideration the moment you start thinking of being a fashion model. Read along carefully and get yourself informed.


This is the number one key to look out for, some individuals have already discouraged themselves thinking they are so short to be models. While speaking to an aspirant she said “I honestly wanted to be on stage with all the light pointing at me, but I don't like my height compared to the once I see on TV”.  

So many has allows their height to cause them truma because the see models with heels and long legs. In as much as some agencies have ignored considering height despite the occasion, others have planned to adamantly use it as a screening criteria.

Some agencies accept l 5’7”(170cm) but others show considerations & also accept 5’4’’ feet tall persons. Always asked about their height criteria as it might be necessary you know when your doing a trial by error attempt.

Dress Code

Look and appearance is a very important factor and core values of modelling, and that's why fashion designers have dedicated so much effort to produce awesome designs and prints. The way an individual dresses draws attention to himself and the fingers behind his looks.

A common casual Jean demeaning a look compared to an elegant looking Individual with glowing gown on smart heels. Body for cloths is highly recommended than tight wears and they give restrictions to movement in some occasions.

Stage Code

The mode and pattern an individual walks is closely examined by all agencies before picking an ambassador or a representative. An erect, straight and proper walking step brings awesome attention, no like a rough, uncontrolled rushing walking steps which might draw memes to your profile. Always know when to put on heels and flat shoes as the occasion may require.

Body Look

Because a lot of persons put so much stress on body transformation, they seeming pretty ones have deliberately thought low of themselves as not gorgeous enough. Depending on the occasion, our beauty might be the exact search a brand is in need of. Either Dark skinned or light skinned, always make a trial.

Be it a Dark skin ebony to a snow white Asian, complexion should not be a factor for self rejection or depressed feeling at all. So, gear your best smile, grab that pretty gown and walk to stardom m

Behavioral Patterns That Makes A Contestant Distinct

It's said that we are always watched, either privately or publicly. In some cases, this might be true because we honestly don't know who is keenly examining our actions and behavior.

Endeavor to be hospitable by showing love and care to strangers in premises where we can never predict the dignities present and where we can as well. The first impression matters a lot. If we give a frown and angry look, it will ward of some persons and drop you on a -1.


Importantly, look and act smart because this is what fans look out for. A lady dull lacklustre individual would never make it far because she will always be nagged at. If you are slow and dull, you are named “dimwit”, but a quick sense of swiftness brings praises and recommendation.

Always stay clean and be transparent because it draws respect. Be fair to all and avoid cheating others if with the means. Problem approach and manner of speech attract respect and recognition being late all the times brings hate and backyard talks.


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