The Puzzling Gems in Button-Up Mens Clothing

It's normal to notice a lot of individuals out there considers the Button-up with Button-down same when gents dress up. Honestly, they can't be used interchangeably but sometimes people do make this minor mistake.

What is the Difference Between Button-up and Button-dowm Shirts?

To clear the air in simple and clear terms, the button-up clothing expecially shirts refers to shirts where the button comes up from the front.

Whereas, the button-down shirt refers to clothing with a collar of a button-up shirt. It's a button-down only If the collar is being fastened to the shirt via buttons.

Hearing collar dresses and shirts being interchanged for Button-Up and Button-down is a norm, but hope you know the difference.

However, they are both generally accepted in many definitions.

A button up clothing is a shirt buttoning up the front while a button down is a clothing buttoning on the collar area that you can likely have button down.  

Significance of the Button-down on Shirts

The down button men's clothing was originated when English Polo Players seek for a wear whereby their collars would remain steady and they rode on horse back 

As a result, button down is now generally viewed to be a sporty wear and offer used casually. Anyways, don't confused the button down with the "polo shirt". 

While the button down is often times referred to as a “sports shirt”, it's not the regular type for work out. So funny I said it's puzzling and sometimes confusing.

Is Button-down Inversely a Button-Up wear ?

I also got got myself confused in a bid trying to understand and translate this in simple terms "lol". As much as 99% of times, the answer might be a yes.

The Logical reason for this response could be compared to how a square is sometimes referred to as a rectangle.

This is because sometimes some shirts aside the Norms of Button-Up in the front that somewhat has a tweak of Button-down feature. Like the Uniqlo polo and a few others.

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A Sentence Definition for Clearification

I just felt like someone reading this is confused and that is why I want to reproject a clearer definition.

Button up shirt: A shirt with fastening in the front with buttons and does not have any buttons on it's collar. 

Button down shirt: A shirt with a collar fastening in place with buttons. Generally, also a button up shirt due to it slight similarities.

Which Does Tie Fits More With?

Okay, this is gradually becoming a fashion design class "lol". When chosing ties and jacket for your button down shirt, remember that the level of stiffness of the shirt collar judges how the tie fits in firmly.

Like take an example, a milder shirt collar, probably a button down Oxford is more casual compared to a button down Oxford. Whereas, a stiffer collar like that of Crisp shirt is more formal. An awesome choice is The Camp Collar.

When nearly dressed up with a more official and formal suit and tie, Button-down collars begin to appear with epic look of classical, and it's a norm to see a gent wearing a “Black Tie” along with a button down collar.

Button-down Shirts Without Tie

Certainly, the button down type of clothing usually seem more casual because it's sporting roots, as a result, if you leave the top collar button unchecked, fastening the collar is the button and that's why gives it a grisp sharp look.

It's all about choice, buttoning your cloth to the neck and fitting with a tie is the best look, otherwise it demeans it to a casual work relief cloth line. For some, you may have noticed this fashion straight "air tie" often flunted by Michael B. Jordan, Ryan Gosling, or Timothée Chalamet. 

As an advise to stick with: this often work better in shirts that body fit and gives that smart casual outfits look. It’s best to just avoid the “air tie” if your only lining is with your Oxford button-down shirt.

Must Button-down Shirts Always be Buttoned?

Certainly Not, it's not recorded nor reported in any magazine, journal or stated by any fashion designer, but it is however unorthodox, you can be determined to have them left undone for a more comfortable relaxed thrill. 

If you may recall, Gianni Agnelli and Italian Industrious man and a Head of Flat was known for not fastening the collar of his Button-down Shirts. So, gear up, look your best and have fun.

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