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Business Mistakes That Crashed Multi-million Dollar Brands

Everyday, thousands of business ideas is pen down, sadly on a few hundred is actualized. A lot of factors stands behind dead business ideas, but what about Millionaires that start multi million dollar brands and it crashes in few months ?

Honestly, money isn't the only problem facing business on a general scale. No one ever "Plan to Fail", but they most times "Fail to Plan" properly. While no one plans to fail, there should always be an alternative plan in situations when things ain't going as planned.

Straight away, I will be highlighting and briefly discussing the flaws big business brands made that crashed then from 100 to 0. A business could actually fail due to economic instability or as a result of catastrophe, but this isn't the situation here.

Zero Managerial Commitment

Year in and year out as some do say it, hundreds climbing thousands of realized ideas and brands crumbles like sugar in water. Sometimes this bug business owners acclaim all the responsibility with zero professionalism in some area on the business the weigh upon themselves.

In other cases, they hired ACQUAINTANCE or FRIENDS to handle major delicate roles with poor experience. Management mistake constitutes a lot of breakdown and you shouldn't be a victim because of favouritism.

Administrative Crack Down

Poor data update, crack down record keeping, flaws in data reported and statistics as the list continues is a loop hole no one would ever want in his business. Handling the Marketing and Selling isn't the responsibility of an individual, this will honestly cause break down and that's where some brands loop hole started from. 

From the CEO, through Departmental heads and down to the least office, maybe Distributor. There should be a 100% communication flow and daily Data Statistics check to spot any error before anything goes out of hand.

Enterprise Conflict

Getting into undesirable business terms or negotiation with a common goal 100% agreed to is one of the big crack down causing enterprise conflict. This is really saddening because a multi million investment can go into temporary shutdown affect productivity and down streaming shares. 

On a micro scale, when staffs who lack proper understanding on matters always cause vabal havoc, this type of micro enterprise conflict can someday lead to plot, greed, fraud and account drainage, crumbling a company hard earned investment. 

Don't rush into partnership without understanding the other party core values and mission properly. Likewise, don't employ staffs because they are family and friends without desired skills to push your brand forward.

The 'Posizione' Mistake

If I may ask, can an oil rig be found in the Sahara Desert? Can a Supermarket be built in an isolated underground? Why are Markets always situated inmetropolitan areas ?

Stop thinking at this point, this is the 'Posizione' mistake some business don't have any idea about, or commonly ignore. The simple logic is Audience + Business Exposure = Profit.

Keeping our business away from the potential customers or clients wouldn't generate us any revenue because they compitition is high and some brands are aiming to be close to them as well. Always remember, depending our the business brand, accessibility is very very important.

Project Misrepresentation

Investors always do two things, check the Profile of the brand founder and the Core value of a brand. A lot of brands has lost contracts because of poor representation. When big Celebrity becomes ambassadors, the company always monitor them strictly and once they are involved in any scandal, they are striped of their endorsement and representation.

Every brand stands the chance to be what they want, have a clean white paper with outlined details of your model, have well stated core principles, have a mission and keep to them all. Breaking promise demeans profile reputations and decrease trust score.

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