Possible Anger Issues Between Parents And Children


Conflict Arise Parents And Children

Inrespective of the gender, it is commonly assumed a Kid would always nod and obey every instructions given from infancy to being a toddler and a teenager. Sadly, as time goes by, different ideas, opinion, preferences, the quest for adventure evolves and rules gradually gets broken.

To pin point, What then is the reasons why conflict arises between Parents and Children? In eight clearly outlined paragraphs highlighting different reasons, I will be entailing in details real-time and conflicts that arises and reasons associated.

     The quest for privacy and a bit of secrecy has caused some real-time conflicts between Parents who wants to know the whereabouts and detailed statistics of every move made by some children. The thought of their private life being monitored daily is so discomforting and inrespective of the gender, they begin developing preference and act how they want dependably. Teenagers expecially shares different look of matters and they assume they Parents consistent check on their private like is a trespass of boundaries.

     Curfew makes teenage reschedule they plans and bend to the request of their Parents regarding when they return home after visiting a friend, going for a party or as the case maybe. In some homes, this has become a major reason for conflicts between the Parents and Children. Curfew is a strict issue which teens and parents often argue about because their 8pm could be cut off to 6pm. 

In homes where the Parents takes no restrictions in scolding the children, they sometimes misunderstand this care and feel it's so authoritative for their liking, thereby causing constant conflicts.

     Dating can unimaginable cause so much conflicts between Parents and Children as this is no new news of Teens who run away from home to stay isolated with their Boyfriend or Girlfriend. A hundred of reason could count why Parents might never with a particular Date for their ward, but this teenagers always feel things are different from the Parents era and this has caused and will certainly cause conflict as time goes by.

Between Parents And Children

Who would believe a commonly held cell phone could cause conflicts in the family between Parents and Children? Cell phone has caused a lot of conflicts between Parents and Children for varying reasons which might highly be discomforting to the Parents but seen ordinary by the kid.

In situations where the Child spends so much time using mobile phones and ignoring his academic papers, chat and laugh on the dining table, ignore house chores because of overly concentrating in his or her mobile phone and so on. Lastly on this, complicated conflicts arises when the Parents notice they kid is sexting and takes strict orders on him or her.

     Inrespective of the gender or age, the youths are often exuberant and loud music might be highly comfortable with them. This hardly goes down well with some parents who strongly believe the home and it's environ must always be calm and mild. Be it a party, a music box, or the TV volume, Parents don't always find the lousy noise comfortable and this may not go down well with some lousy kids who wants to have fun to the fullest in some cases. Anyways, it's sometimes if the Parents likes they song genre, otherwise no noie is a strict rules.

     Parents hardly cherish failure from their wards, and this is a problem as Kids varies. Poor Academic Grades has caused another form of conflicts between Parents and Children who try to defend their poor performance.

As they all want the children to work hard, the problem surmount when the kid is one that is very serious and undisciplined. Whereas, some Parents might be slightly comfortable with a C, but none will whole heartedly value and F, E or even D.


     Look and Appearance has caused a very being problem in some homes as the Parents always disagree with the child choice of life, look or behavior. In some African nation, Tattoos and unnecessary body piercing is highly prohibited and look down upon, whereas it's okay with others in the western world. But Tattoo, body piercing, weird hair looks, skimpy seductive clothing and much more is highly prohibited in some homes, and when the kid stubbornly disobeys, there is an outburst.

     Honestly, no caring Parent wants their kids to go into Smoking, Drinking, and Drug abuse, and as a result when they find out, a micro home eat burst. The above mentioned goes against some family norms and vision of raising a decent child who will be highly useful to himself and the society. In some African nation's, this kids are sent to disciplinary homes for correction to show the extent of severity, and in cases where they only scold, this can always be a reason for consistent conflict in the family.

     Conclusively, from my varying above mentioned reasons, it's clearly seen that conflicts between Parents and Children is could arise for any reason, expecially when the children goes against the Parents remark or orders.

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