A Freedom That Comes With Punishable Offence - Noise

 Noise Pollution fines

Who will ever believe he can be arrested for making noice? Okay, this could be controversial because noice pollution is a norm in some part of the world, whereas some neighbors won't take it likely in some part of the world.

Individuals certainly varies according to persons from the choice the make, their hobbies and so on. In a situation whereby the new neighbours which to turn the party dance hall to an infant bedroom, filled with silence, solitude and despair like a cage. Note, you must stand and know your right, but if the law grabs you, you will face the music for noice pollution.

What's Noise Pollution

Noise as a term is defined as “any loud sound, chanting, beats, movement, music or shouting” and other added activities that could produce loud discomforting sound, depending on the lawyer filling the suit for his client.  

Noise isn't supposed to exceed 65 decibels (dBA) over a period of one hour before 10p.m. or exceed 50 dBA over a period of one hour 10 p.m. This level slightly varies according to location, this is because If you live downtown, then the bBA are certainly higher, about 75dBA during the day and 60dBA nightfall.

A New Home

Relocating from one apartment into a new apartment in a different neighborhood isn't always as smooth as dreamed. The packing stress, cleaning the environ, repainting, redecoration, having a new furnishing and tackling all emotional and physical stress can honestly be draining. 

After a this stress, you grab a soft pillow to get some mild rest, you feel the room vibrating, the rhythm hits your brain in resonance, from seconds to minutes and hours, the loud thumb continues to re-echo, What do you do, Call the Cops?

That might be wise and unwise depending on the geographic region. In some African Countries, expecially the indigenous areas, your certainly going to adapt, whereas in some Western Countries, you have a huge fine or light jail terms.

Noice Pollution and Peace

Let's ignore the rumors and some fantasy about noise which is common in some neighborhood and fairy tales. Example is the believe that loud noise from 1am is forbidden and should never be tolerated, the cops should never be called at that hour, and walking to warn the neighbor is absorbed.

However, use common principle and be understanding as the case maybe. For individuals who live in a groovy or highly metropolitan regions, noice is a daily partner, it's beyond your power to hush the walking steps. 

And in some isolated mute regions, individuals can hold down on their neighbours or tenants and even go as far as to lay court charges against them offenders, not just with a fine but they could also be evicted in repeatedly severe.

This means you can be paying for your offence and still get jailed if stubborn, Why? 

Some houses in urban areas do have a noise report system with a backup to support your report or documentation in case you want to take up a legal case against that noise pest. Like I earlier mentioned, don't be in a hurry to earn some points, speak with the offender and express how you feel about his actions, he maybe understandable.

Noice Pollution Grants

A law letter as I have already published here showed some strings attached to Regulations and Peace Maintenance, the Part 9 of the City of Calgary’s Community Standards Bylaw (2004) states it stand clearly when it comes to issues regarding noise pollution. The bylaw states “citizens have the right not to be disturbed by noise” and that everyone “has the responsibility to not make noise that disturbs others.”

Make your noise, but don't disturb anyone.

If you are on the other face of a noise and lousy condition, you can make plans and moves pretty soonest by filing a temporary noise exemption permit from the City of Calgary. And if the Chief Bylaw Officer wishes to gives you a permit during the hours you seeked, you can vibrate the city, but note, not a second more or else...!

Noise Pollution Fine

Noise Pollution is a Pollution itself and no Community, Country or Individual wants Pollution "per say". The consequences could be a Stern warning or as high as $400 fine as the region determines. 

In Nigeria, depending on the society, it could be as high as N100,000 to N250,000 if the individual is repeatedly stubborn. And as the case maybe, you will sit in jail till your ready to relocate.

Individually, if you want to shake the security officially a lil bit into the matter, then your next plan is putting a call across to 3-1-1 for complaints and backup of a  file report complaint yo the City of Calgary. Once bylaw officers are dispatched to investigate, they will then measure the noise level from the “point of reception” (possible, from the neighbour’s front door) with a sound level meter. The he get fines ranging from 50$ to 400$.

In Your Country, What's The Punishment For Noice Pollution ?

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