Menarche - A Stage In Womanhood

The term Menarche in relation to Painful for this article was selected after running a survey for opinion. In conclusion, the word pain related to different field such as embarrassed, shy, and a few others, it doesn't necessarily mean ladies feel pain. As this article continues I will entail in details what am driving at.

Every child is a precious gift and female child as well ought be dearly cherished and adorned, this is because they fight a lot of personal war silently before womanhood. The first visible silent battle was significant impact starts at puberty and that's where menarche comes in.

Menarche is an inevitable experience that all ladies experience from their early teenage stage of life. But the word Menarche and its relation with ladies is certainly not clear to some reading this, so let's take a journey of 3 minutes.

What is Menarche
Menarche is the introduction into reproduction where the famale gender notice her very first menstrual cycle. For some possibly pondering at age is menarche noticed, it's noticed around the age of 10-13 according to "VK Body & Soul".

During puberty phase of life, a lot of changes are being observed and significant body changes begins to take place. During my survey, some persons revealed how they felt about this. Some were in suspense, others felt embarrassed, some shy to speak out and in summary it was disturbing to many. 

Q: At the first sight of your menstrual circle, what was your expression like?

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A Mixed Exposure Test
Honestly, it is not possible to change nature’s will. During menarche, some mixed feelings and emotions fill the mind, they includes fear, anxiety, shyness, fatigue, weakness among
many others.

The reason for this feelings is because many lacked proper pre-information, little care, and
poor sensitization on the subject.

While conducting my survey, only 6 of the 13 female really knew a lot about menarche and we're ready to face it. A users said "I was so happy, I have read a lot and was in suspense to see what it looked like. I only felt embarrassed when it was time to ask mum for Pad".

Regarding menarche definition and proper hygiene before hand. The rest 8 had little or no sensitization at all.

Knowing Ladies are sometimes faced with negative emotions and awareness during puberty phase of life, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. During my survey, the most reoccurring used terms from total sentence accumulation was embarrassing, traumatize, surprise, was, ashamed, unexpected among few more generic terms. A clear sign they never love the sudden change because of being poorly Informed.

The General Fear of Menarche
Normally, inrespective of the gender, the site of blood is honestly terrifying to some, maybe because it is sometimes affiliated with serious injuries and accident resulting death and so on. So experiencing blood flow without pre-information can be so scary to some, causing control of average menstral circle hard. 

But a goodnew is associated with this, this is a sign of good health and maturity in life. No one wish to be dormant in life as a process. Clearly, no one has ever skip this stage and that's why you should never be depressed or ashamed.

The stigmatization was all because the ladies were poorly Informed and that's what this article sort to combat. Generally, the world is filled with information which can be seeker from Health Care Personal, Teachers, Aunts, Mum, Books and Mature family members. 

Books don't walk to us, we reach out to it and get Informed. Don't ignored meeting your Mum or a trusted Guardian for guidance. Well, no male was specifically mentioned, but our Dad’s could really be of help to us because they also had
Siblings or they might have read wide enough.

Motherly Perspectives
Some Mother's as unascertained case may have it have concluded they girl child will grow and know what to do naturally. Just deciding to keep it a secret reasoning
the girl child is still little to know much. In some geographic region, young girls start experiencing their menarche from around 8 years of age, while others from 12 years of age and some so late till 14 years old. 

So what might have being the expected age in these Mum’s heart?

That's to sensitization program from National and Non Governmental Organization as safe prevention system and preparation is better than a random surprise into womanhood.

Patiently training or teaching a pre-teen about menarche can never be done in one day. Gradual steps and procedures ought to be carefully followed to allow them understand and open up their heart. The odds for the girl child taking the first step to open up from our survey is just 30%. 

This maybe because the are probably shy, scared, or they do not know how to start expressing themselves, or worst still, they do not know how their mum might react to hearing it. Even after taking the initiative to talk to the teen, some might never still open up. Endeavor to speak mildly and emotionally, never be harsh at all, for this might be a lip seal.

Always Practice Good Hygiene and Stay Safe.

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