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Fraudsters Strategies 2020

For years today, games and different dubious methods has being imployed by individuals who decides to hide their profile and exploit business owners, reputable profiles, big brand names and companies among others.

Before discussing about dark web users and their strategies in details, its important we know or have a clear idea of what the term fraud is. In my own words, fraudulent act is any practice involving deceit, dishonesty, greed, use of tricks and inconsiderable actions in perpetuating crime against an individual or and relating situation. 

The General Ideology 

Honestly, those who carry out this web acts are individuals like me and you walking on the beach, street without suspicion, but they're known to be very tricky, dubious and smart with the use of false documentation and lies to steal or intruding into the affairs of potential victims.

The recent 'Bitcoin Heist' might be fresh in the mind of many. The situation here involved hacking and bypassing social media giant security "Twitter" to access some of the world most famous profiles account.

In other cases, a common Ideology is the act of manipulation. Scammers are increasingly using games to trick people into disclosing their personal information, credit card info and parting away with their funds. Honestly, a smart means of solving this is by being aware of their means and also creating awareness to the mass public. Don't forget to kindly share this article.

The Dark Sphere

Am actually referring to the hidden and acclaimed safe locations of these bad guys, or let me say the Dark Power House. This set of very smart individuals have tactically chosen discreet location for

carrying out the actions.

Some of the least suspected places that may seem predictable includes Isolated rooms in large cities, far reach places with security alarm if intruder, metropolitan environments, in moving vehicles, in public computer access centers,  cyber cafes,

underground apartments etc. I believe they choose the above places depending on the proposed or intended mission they have.


Black Web Users have taken the internet as their office, some possible work all day and night with the aim of carrying out transactions with evidence of fake documents. Daily, stolen information and data of users and exposed in the world wide web pages, this black hat guys steals it from there.

Over 1 million persons in the United State fell victim into a mass data breach. Over 1.5 millions of credit cards pin and information has being stolen by these hackers when users access unprotected sites and input their card details.

Malware Injection

The black hat individuals behind the mask

have develop thousands of dangerous malware and web page virus which they use in intruding into private computers to steal any spotted private information concerning their potential prey.

These malware virus monitors every bit of action carried out with the targeted personal computer and they are capable of logging keystrokes thereby capturing passwords and other financial information.

Media Profiling

In this situation, this Black Web Users patiently stalks their target victim social media timeline and activities. They pray on information which include place of schooling, gender, current city, address, contact, age, mails and other little significant ones. Ones little or some of these information are gotten, they can proceed in doing online business transaction in the pretense of fake ID.

Fraudster strategy 2020

Credit Cards

A said £528.5 million worth UK-issued bank cards were intruded in they year 2015. These lost and stolen cards were used in shops that lacked Chip and PIN for extra security. 

Products and goods were purchased and some of the victims fell into deep loans due to the lose. Anyways, this strategy isn't so effective unless they have your pin. Some ATM galleries do trap bank cards when a wrong PIN is tried thrice, increasing security an inch. 

However, fraudsters tried to use this as an added advantage by creating their own slim magnetic ATM cards that stucks in the machine and extract pin and information of the next entering card. But this is failing as high as 95% because newly designed ATM machines do reject all fakes



Phishing is the practice of sending multiple emails to random individuals with a look seeming to come from a genuine organization or your Bank. Once the emails are responded to and the link in them are clicked, requirement for a business deal is initiated or slots requiring their private or login information is required. 

If you mistakenly input it, the store it from their end and use it for dark activities. Just knowing all the above mention implies little safety until strict measures in preventing them are imployed. It now shows that being secretive with all our private information is important for our own safety because hacktivism and fraudsters ain't considerate.

Counterfeit Cheque Frauding

This is the printing of fake counterfeit cheques on a non-bank paper to look exactly like genuine cheques and they using it on faked genuine ground for withdrawal.

Other times, some of the cheque are been stolen from an innocent client and used by a fraudster with a forged signature. Over $150 millions have being stolen in 2020 via this means in associated with wired funds fraud. 

Always avoid responding to mails with unknown contents or from unknown source. Lastly, avoid logging into restricted sites.

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