Beautiful Spotlight on Sweden


Spotlight on Sweden

The seven wonders of the world is familiar with all, but narrowing it down to he seven wonders of Sweden makes it a new world of mysterious mind blowing thoughts. Anyways, I only aim at bringing the spot light down to Sweden, some of it's awesome structures and monuments.

Well, polls has being conducted a lot of times to get different users opinion on the subject matter. Aftonbladet is one of the renowned newspaper media in Sweden - they also made a poll seeking over 80,000 users votes in the time frame of July 8 and 9 July far back 2007. According to report, this is the largest media survey where users were posed with the opportunity to vote their favorite iconic spot.

The City of Visby

The first on the listing is the city wall of Visby. This is a medieval city wall spotted somewhere on the island of Gotland. The height climbs as high as 11meters above ground level. The wall has some old spot and the oldest spot or area of the wall ca be dated far back the 12th century. 

Entirely, the huge structure is an important part of the City uplighting and brining out it's Iconic Heritage. Initially, this Visby city wall was know for its 29 big towers and a secondary 23 smaller size towers. 

The Ice Hotel of Jukkasjärvi

Fondly call the Ice Hotel or alternatively by the indigenous people as Ishotellet in Swedish, this hotel is so unique and it's one notable structure in Sweden with global recommendation and recognition. Yearly, varying Ice hotel gets erected in the heart of Jukkasjärvi with improved and unique sculptures architectural designs.

This is one spot to feel the cold part of nature with beautiful sightings, staying here overnight means gripping and ice chilled pill to pull through.

The Göta Canal

The talked about Göta Canal is standing tall and giving Sweden the right to boost of its largest building project, it's was consisted of a 190,5-kilometer stretched canal with about 58 locks embedded in it. The construction was dated to have started far back in 1818 and completely finished in the year 1832.

The Vasa Ship

In the city of Sweden is something dearly cherished, that's the Vasa Ship preserved at the Vasa Museum in the city of Stockholm. The Vasa ship was historically said to have had its sails and voyage far back in 1628 but got sunk not so long somewhere outside Beckaholmen.

It was fully loaded with goods for a long voyage, ranging from goods, wears, foods, objects and lot more. However, it sat at the bottom of the river for over 300 years until 1961. Today, it's a site of attraction as a Royal Vasa Ship attracting million of visitors yearly. 

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Beautiful Spotlight on Sweden